Warm Cola Recordings is a small label dedicated to releasing local Melbourne Artists, with it's initial releases being mainly side and homerecorded solo projects.

All cassettes are $5.00 postage paid, please make all cheques/Money Orders out to Ben Keenan or send well concealed cash. Trades are welcome !! But please ask first!

WARM COLA RECORDINGS Private Box 8301 Northland Centre VIC Australia 3072


DEER "Sycamore Trail" Cassette

DEER consists of Neil Thomason and Tom Jackman. Two thirds of Melbournes mighty RICAINE.

"Sycamore Trail" is a 50 minute collection of long form sparse eerie guitar and drum instrumentals recorded live at Victoria Docks.

In the "art rock" sensibilty of "Tortoise", "Slint" ect.....


AIR HOCKEY INJURY a one man band , a mixture of acoustic meanderings , Casiotone propelled jigs, full band recitals and heartfelt tomfoolery.

In the spirit of "Elevator to Hell/Eric's Trip", "Sendridoh", "Moviola" ect...


A transglobal home-recorded odessy shifting from the pop-sensible to the aurally tactile!!

An Englishman and an Australian who have never actually met. Songs composed by airmail and email.

The debut sixteen track result of the collaboration.

Wide ranging influence "Smog", "Syd Barret", "Guided by Voices".

28 DAYS NOTICE "If Tommorow" Cassette

The Blood of an Englishman.

Mister Piers Mason takes us on a journey in his favorite race car. Peer through the nitro-haze .

Machine drums, noiseladed rock guitars, quirky pop chicainery, frequent brilliance. The 14 home-recorded debut.

In the spirit of "Guided by Voices", "Hood".

SKIP TRACER "4 songs"

Melbournes mighty SKIP TRACER present 4 songs recorded on eight track in a suburban lounge room.

Cassette available for $3.00.

Featuring the tracks "Internode","Crinkle Cut", "Zeroing In", "The Doctor Is In".

Showing a diverse range of styles-- switching from the Chaos of "Sonic Youth", to the sparseness of "Codiene".