I would like to consign my CD at Warm Cola.

To consign your CD/LP release at Warm Cola you must fill in the form below. Print it out and mail it together with five copies of your CD and your setup fee of $45.00. All music must be original!!! The person vending it must have copyright over the music, or permission if the music is released by a third party.

 Any questions or queries regarding this form please email: ben@warmcola.com

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 How Much would you like to sell your CD at? Note that Warm Cola's Mark Up is $9.50 for each CD sold. So for example if you sell the CD at retail of $20.00 you would recieve $10.50 return on each CD sold..

If your CD release is an EP or Mini Album our mark up is still $9.50. Unfortuently our costs still remain the same as they do to vend an LP. This will force you to to suggest a lower selling price in order to make your CD viable purchase. However For a lot of independent artists the advantages of having your CD available for purchase out weighs the need for high returns.



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Thanks for your submission, we will confirm the setup of your web page via email.

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