Warm Cola #1

Melbourne band Feverdream have had a bit of a live hiatus in the last six months. During that time they have signed to a label in the USA and revamped their line-up...

Ryan Interviewed Ewan McArthur of Feverdream prior to their performance at the Tote on a freezing rainy Tuesday evening, it went a little like this........


So what is the mighty Feverdream up to as we speak?

Ewan; um not much , we just got here and thereís no sound check so...No; where in the midst of recording a new album

so....hopefully that will be out later this year, or early next year or something like that if we ever get around to finishing it.


And where are you recording that puppy?


In our own studio, Lavagum down in East Hawthorn. We built that because we couldnít handle the pressure of recording

anywhere else at expensive rates. So we built it but the only problem is that it makes us really slack now you know itís

like you get in a go ďOh I might just do a drum track and take three weeks to do it. Where as originally we would have

everything done in no time.


What number album is this one?


Ah this will be number four, if you include the American one which is a compilation.


Can you tell me about that one?


Yeah itís actually called ď You donít know us but we know who you areĒ, itís actually a compilation of theAA first two

albums from Australia, which were Moniker and Somewhere Elsewhere plus an unreleased track a few radio edits and

that kind of thing. We got signed up to Satellite Records in California and at the last count it seems to be doing really

well. Itís on about fifty stations on medium to heavy rotation across college radio and that sort of thing and seems to be

selling well, and has had some really good reviews, lovely.

 Fantastic, whatís the hopes for this latest album are you going to be releasing through Satellite again?

 Yeah well basically they will have the world wide rights to everything. The only thing is we are not really sure what to do

about Australia because they tend to go a little bit funny unless you go do something overseas, so I guess we will have to

you know sit back and see what happens and take it from there.


What about gigs and stuff, are you playing around much?


No, this gig which you are at right now is probably the only one we are going to get to do all year. We have got a few

lined up elsewhere like in New Zealand, and Queensland and all those other sort of places but Melbourne seems to be

really out, maybe because of the casino impact I donít know.


So whatís happening with New Zealand?


Well at the moment we are supposed to be going in October; sorry Iím holding my stomach in whilst Dave plays pool;

um we are supposed to be doing something like ten shows in places like Auckland, Dunieden, Farmasten North,

Christchurch, Wellington, so yeah it should be good.


Iíll let you play your shot; Feverdreamís had a bit of a line up change, what is the current line up?


Current line up is myself on vocals and bass still, Tim is still in the line up with guitars, Dave does vocals and guitars,

and the newest members Richard Lambert on drums. So yeah itís just a minor change, just one of those things I guess;

itís good for the band, keeps them interested and on there toes and everyone else who was in the band we seems to still be

really good friends so itís cool.


Whatís the up coming album called?


Oriolactaphobia, which means in the loosest sense of the word, fear of milk and cookies, again itís something that is

aimed at the American audience specifically. It might make them really paranoid of us! I donít know, might start a cold

war between Australia and America, that wool be good.


Are you looking to create a different sound to what we are used to on Moniker, and Somewhere Elsewhere?


The biggest criticism I got off those two albums was that there wasnít enough bass, and as a result, it tends to sound a

little washed out with all the reverbs, but weíre peeling that back a little bit; itís still essentially the same kind of thing

but itís going to be stripped back in terms of effects and things, and overlays and that kind of stuff, so effectively what

we create live we can create in the studio.


What are you guys listening to at the moment whatís affecting the way you think at the moment?


I just bought the new Lard album yesterday and thatís an absolute killer.I donít know if thatís effecting the way I write

music and stuff but Iíve been listening to a lot of little duby things like the Orb, the new Primal Scream single ,Chemical

Brothers. I donít know what the others have been listening to but my tastes have always been very varied anyway. Timís

really in Bentley Rhythm Ace, the guys from Pop Will Eat Itself ashes, but yeah I think everyone listens to lots of

different stuff and it kind of melds together well.............




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