Information Technology Learning Plan.

Ben Keenan.


Objectives/ Learning Outcomes
-For students to recognise how the internet uses visual media to convey information.
-For students to be able to use the internet as a resource for finding out answers to specific questions.
-To students to familarise themselves with the two graphic formats used on the internet.
-For students to create a web page about images on the internet that contains information and resources obtained via the internet.
-For students to understand the context in which certain image formats are used, leading them to gain an appreciation of the different formats used for displaying information on the web.

-Internet access for each individual student, browers Netscape or Explorer.
-Web page building software such as Claris Home Page/ MS Frontpage 98 or Nescape Composer.

Teaching Stratergies/Methods

Lesson 1-

Part 2- Part 3-