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Warm Cola Julie Doiron Clayton interview.....


Long days Ride till tomorrow the Eric's Trip compilation of rarities, obscurities and live tracks has just come out in Australia, is this going to be the final Eric's Trips release ever?


Yeah, it's supposed to be, because Eric's Trip broke up last year I don't think we have anything else planned.... well... nothings planned that I know of.. but this is just the final....wait just a sec... thank you Ben...sorry ben was just apologising to Charlotte because he hit her a while ago...


A delayed apology.


yeah well he put his pyjamas on and everything and my husband John just explained to him what he did was wrong.. so he came in and apologised...But yeah I think that will probably be the last Eric's Trip release for a while unless we happen to get back together or something like that...


So that could be a possibility?


Well....I don't want to say that it's a possibility because it might not be what Rick has in mind.. but I don't know for sure.


I'm going to backtrack a bit,, so how did Eric's Trip come about? What is the story of the band?


The way it started was... well this is a pretty silly explanation... it's probably silly because I've said it so many times.. it sounds silly to me but I wanted to buy an electric guitar but I didn't want to just play it in my bedroom or anything by myself ...and at that time I used to play an acoustic guitar kinda thing so anyway I was friends with Rick and well he said we can start a band and instead you know.. so that way I wouldn't have to just play it in my bedroom by myself so him and I decided to start a band and we asked Chris.. who just before that he played drums in a band with Rick called the Forest and he was a really great drummer and he was starting to learn how to play guitar but we asked him if he wanted to play bass and he said sure and quickly became a really good bass player..and he played bas for the first two years of Eric's Trip...and then um we had our friend Ed Vaughan who played drums... he was mainly really good friends with Chris for pretty much all their lives and he bought Chris' drum set and learned how to play drums.. and that's how Eric's Trip started....and then when Ed got too busy to be in the band that's when we asked Mark to join and that was about a year and a half into it...


Do you think that Mark joining the band changed Eric's Trips sound?


Yeah it really changed the sound, we kinda went from happy little kind of jingles almost... I wouldn't call them that (laughs) but they were very melodic.. yeah um.... and then we got Mark and he is such an incredible drummer we just started to play really fast....


He used to play in skate punk bands earlier on didn't he?


He's been a punk since 1977... ever since he saw the Ramones on ......what was that show called... I don't know but he saw them on TV in 1977/78 and that's when he knew that punk was for him... so um he's been in bands since he was ten so he's been playing drums in Purple Knight since he was ten...


And Purple Knight is his solo project?


Well that's his main..... well since he's been doing that since he was ten, and that's what he was doing before Eric's Trip... he's done other things during that time like a band called No Explanation which is still that pretty much is his solo project actually, rather than Purple Knight. because Purple Knight is more of a kind of duo...him and another guy. (loud crying down the phone) I'm sorry John will just come and get Charlotte in a second he's just doing something in the kitchen..


That's okay.


It makes it kind of hard to hear when she's screaming in my ears. She has to burp now...


How were the songs for the early recordings written did each of you bring in your own songs or were they written as a band?


Eric's Trip pretty much had individual songwriters, we'd write songs and just play them for each other and that's what we would pretty much do, I don't think we ever wrote any songs together the four of us... but I know that Rick and Chris wrote a few songs together when I would be at work or something like Follow on Love Tara was written.... I think the music was by Chris and the Words were by Rick and they worked on that together one night and I think a few other ones were the same way.. I can't remember which ones right now..but then Rick and I wrote Tangles together one night and that's on the Peter EP, I'm not sure if you know that one and also Deeper on that one was.....I wrote pretty much all of that except Rick wrote...we alternated each line, I wrote one line and he wrote the other but I had written the music for it and everything so we sort of did that a few times, but most of the time we each did our own songs...except there a few songs on earlier records that Rick actually wrote for me to sing so.......


In terms of your solo projects and stuff like that do you have dibs on the song you wrote to record separate like, like Soon Coming Closer you wrote on your own album, and it's also on an Eric's trip album so whose song is that, I know it's yours but???


Yeah, that one was a bit of a..... I did it for my album first and then um...when it came time to record the Purple Blue album, or shortly before, I guess Rick decided that he liked the song and wanted to play it in the band, so we started to play it with the band and we decided to do it on the album as well, he seemed to want to put that on that's how that got on there...Secret for Julie was never supposed to be on the Love Tara album I did everything in that it's not even Eric's trip playing on it(laughs) and it was supposed to go on one of my seven inches but Rick really liked it so it got on the album as well, so I never really bothered putting any of my songs in Eric's Trip, because Rick was so prolific and he wrote all the I didn't really feel like I needed to do that with Eric's Trip although there's like one song on every album that I wrote at least, in the end I think there was a couple, on Purple Blue there's three.....I never set out to do Eric's Trip songs and my own songs.... I know Rick tried to do that, and in the end he started to have a hard time trying to know what was an Eric's Trip song anymore, doing his Elevator to Hell stuff he started to... he couldn't figure out what to play with Eric's trip and what he should do with elevator to Hell and he would try and write Eric's Trip songs and he was having a hard time with that...


So Moonsocket, Elevator to Hell and Broken Girl were all happening well before Eric's Trip finished?


Yeah, I played my first show on July 8th 1993 as Broken Girl and my 7inch came out in September that year and Rick started doing Elevator to Hell stuff in December '93 and then Moonsocket, I don't know when he started but around that time too.


Another interesting thing about Eric's Trip is that you recorded yourselves at Stereo Mountain which is Rick's house, is that correct?


Yeah, that was Rick's small studio which happened to be wherever he was living it started out at his parents house, and then it moved down to his other apartment, now it's actually called the Xanadu Room. ( laughter)


That's sensation, is it complete with rollerink...?


No (laughs) if they could fit it maybe....but that's what it's called now so we always used to record at Rick's house but their are also people who have recorded at Stereo Mountain.. like I think Jale recorded there, and Hardship Post recorded there as some other bands recorded there but it was mainly an Eric's Trip people thing....


It's interesting how all the side projects are sort of linked to Eric's Trip people, there hasn't been any distancing from where you did the Eric's Trip stuff; has that been a problem for you?


No, I don't think so but I think, The album that I just finished recording I actually set out to do it completely somewhere else so I wouldn't be working with anybody that I'd worked with before, so that's the first time I ever set out to do something like that although the first record I did was recorded in Ottawa with another person, but I got it mixed at Rick's house so he still had something to do with it, but I thought it would be interesting to work with someone new but then again I just recorded a couple of songs just last week at Rick's house for some 7inch's so I still like working with him and I still does really great stuff; he played drums and bass on it so that's kind of nice,


The Broken girl record had an involvement from someone from the Grifters?


Dave Shuase produced it and he also played on it and he's from the Grifters, and Hal Gald from giant sand is also on it.


You said there was drums on it, so is it more of a band thing than just you playing acoustic?


yeah, well it's not a full band... it's sort of... most of the songs are guitar and voice with maybe one or two other instruments with maybe a piano on it or a wurlitzer keyboard or... a guitar solo overdub or organ and there's probably three or four songs that have drums on it's not a full band but their is definitely other instruments on it, because I didn't think it would be right to do a full band because that would be wrong(laughs) because that's not how I play, but someday; I think I might have to tour the states with a band Sub Pop is sort of encouraging me because where're worried that the people in the states won't pay any attention to me if I'm on stage by myself, so I've asked Chris Thompson of Eric's Trip to play drums with me so I far that's the only person I've asked so I think it will just be me and Chris and I don't know if I will get anyone else... I have a few people in mind in Halifax but I haven't asked them yet.


Eric's Trip broke up on tour last year; was touring tough on you?


Well, I really like it and Rick used to really hate it and Chris seemed to hate it and Mark never complained about but I know that he preferred being home... but um that was kind of a hard tour, I think everyone actually enjoys touring...but they just don't like being away from home I think that's the problem, and now that everyone has a girlfriend or a wife or a husband and kids for me and Chris didn't have any at the time but he has one now.. it seemed like it was getting harder and harder to go away and I know that we had...Eric's Trip at that point; we had a meeting in February and talked about what it was we were going to do that year, and our plans, and we decided to do a tour in May of the states and one last tour in June and then we were going to break up because Rick just didn't want to do it anymore, and he did it a little bit longer than he wanted to, I'm not too sure why he wanted to break up, I do know why, but that's another story.


What is that story? Can you share that story?


He just wanted..... Elevator to hell just became a pretty big part of his life and he wanted that to be his number one thing and he knew that as long as Eric's Trip was still together Elevator to Hell would not get the recognition that he wanted it to get, and also Tara started to play bass with him in that band and stuff so that was more appealing than going on tour without her. I think he had to break up Eric's trip for Elevator to Hell not to be a side project, whenever there was an article written Elevator to Hell would be his side project and he just didn't want that anymore, he wanted that to be the main thing so...So it was a matter that everyone's lives just changed so the reason we kind of broke up on that tour was because he wanted to go home , he didn't want to be on tour anymore, so that's why we all went home. No one was fighting with each other we were all getting along really well; up until he started to talk about going home, and then after he cancelled the tour we still had two more shows to do which I found really hard, to play these shows and know that we were going to break up when we got home... so that was a drag for me but I guess we had to do it.


You also run the Sappy Label; how did that begin and what's involved?


It's funny that you would ask that now because right now it's a little bit stressful but it started as a way of putting out music by us and our friends that we wanted people to hear music by, and then so it was just going to be a 7inch label pretty much or whatever, their was no real set plan for it (Charlotte can be heard crying in the background) today is her peak day for crying by the way; apparently it starts at two weeks and at six weeks they peak...yeah and it starts to go down again apparently, so today is the day.


She sounds like she has a healthy set of lungs there.


Yeah she does........Anyhow, we started out putting out 7inchs and it just started to ... we sort of put out music from our friends and the first release was the four songs by each Eric's Trip by each Eric's Trip member and we did that to sort of get it going rather than start out with someone no one has heard of, so the first few were all by us and finally we were able to put out bands and stuff, and people we like and now we have had a few Cd's out... and I think we may only do like one CD and I think we will go back to doing 7inches...


To make it a little more exclusive, make it a little more special; what do they call it? a boutique label?


Gee, I've never heard of that?


Like Sarah records in England is a boutique label a small label that specialises mainly in 7inches. Or only vinyl???


Oh , that's nice I wish we could have only done that but I don't think; because we wanted to promote our friends I don't think we could have got away with just putting out twelve inch records instead of cd's because I think it would be a lot harder to sell them around here, a lot of people still like vinyl and if you have stuff on both you have a good chance of selling some but we were kind of worried about only putting out a record on vinyl and we couldn't afford to do both , but I think if I ever come into the money I will reissue all those records on vinyl. I guess the five CD's


So all the bands on the Sappy label; they are all your personal friends? they all come from Moncton and around?


No well, we put out a 7inch by a band called lousy and their from Sweden. They sent us a demo and they ordered a bunch of stuff, and when we put the demo in it was so great, the first song, we were so excited it was like 'we got to get in touch with them" and put this out so we did and they were excited and they said yes, and what they did after that actually was they recorded twelve songs, sent it to us and gave us the choice of what song they wanted to put on it so we were able to choose, and that was really neat, so we were able to pick the songs that we thought were the best and put them on the record, son we were really happy with that record, so we didn't know them. But everyone we pretty much know except for we have a new one coming out pretty soon because the records are being pressed right now, which is by the drummer of the Super Freindz I don't know if you have heard of the Superfriendz.... but um there drummer is doing a 7inch with us and we saw them play in Halifax and we thought he was really great to and we didn't know him before so occasionally we do ,do things by people we don't know usually we know them.


What are some of the other bands on Sappy?


Okay there's Elevator to Hell they have done two 7inchs with us, Moonsocket has a CD with us and a 7inch kind of; it was on our label but he put it out kind of.. it was a weird thing ; it was when Sappy was still just starting out and he thought it would be a cool idea to put Sappy on it to help us out and stuff so.... so it is a Sappy release kind of but we didn't pay to put it out so there.... and a cassette he put out became a Sappy release too but it is no longer available...and there are three 7inches by a band called Orange Glass from Moncton.....


Who is in Orange Glass?


Orange Glass was a solo project by Ron Bates and then when he decided he wanted to start playing shows he got Tara which is Rick's wife on bass and his friend Chris Flannigan on drums and now Tara is no longer with them she left them to be in Elevator to Hell....and now Chris Thompson is their bass player.. and they are also Chris Thompsons back up band for Moonsocket so it's kind of weird if you book one of them for a show you will end up seeing a little bit of both.... so now I think... I'm not sure what Chris has planned for now.. but that's how it is right now... sorry and to continue their is a Snailhouse 7inch which is a guy from Ottawa , and he's really, really great and he's recording his CD, he just has to mix it right now and that will probably be our last CD and that's going to be really good so I'm really excited by that and there's Wooden Stars which are his other band who are completely different to Snailhouse and their CD is out on us.....oh and the Inbreds have a 7inch with us....and Lousy and also Thee'Suddens who were a band from Moncton aswell... I think thats it.. I don't want to forget anybody...


What about Broken Girl?


Oh yeah, and me (laughs)!


Is your new album coming out on Sappy or...?


It's coming out on Sub Pop, so it will be out on CD and vinyl.


So does that mean it will be readily available in Australia?


Yeah it's coming out August 26th. The Elevator to Hell record and my record will be coming out on the same day in Canada, I think the Elevator to Hell record is coming out a month later in the States; I don't know if it's coming out in Australia or not?


Are there plans to re-release any of the earlier Broken Girl 7inches?


I don't know; the second one is still available their is probably fifty copies left of that one, and the first one has already done two pressings of it so I don't know if I'm going to do it again or not...maybe someday but their are no plans for it right now because we're still trying to find money to put out the next few releases that we're planning to put out, but maybe..


Are you playing any shows soon?


I'm not playing any shows until maybe August and I think in August their is a possibility that I might tour a bit in Canada around Ontario.....and then I think I have to go to the States in September and I don't know what I will be doing after that..... I don't know if they will send me to Australia.. they send quite a few Sub Pop bands their...


Were there any Eric's Trips plans to tour down under?


I don't know if their we're any Eric's Trip plans to go there..


Because you never made it here.


No we never made it there but I think I remember at one pint there was some kind of festival going on there that we were maybe going to play at but it didn't happen.


How far abroad did Eric's Trip actually tour? Was it just pretty much around North America or?


Yeah, pretty much we only really toured pretty much..... we toured Canada a lot, I mean quite a bit all across Canada except for Northern Ontario they never got to see us as Eric's Trip but now the Eric's Trip side projects are finally touring Northern Ontario and least they get to see that... but I always felt bad about not going their but I was always.... its a very long drive to get to Northern Ontario so we always went through the states, played in Chicago and Minneapolis....some of the States.. we never went to California but we did some of the west coast, the Northern west coast of the states and we did the east coast of the states and played in Texas but that was about it for the states, and we played two weeks in the UK and that was in September 1993, so we never did anything after that.


Really, why was that?


I don't know, we just weren't interested I guess; we got offered..... we could have played in Spain when I just had Ben..well it would have been four months after he was born so I said no because he had just been born so...... their was a few opportunities for other shows in other places but we weren't really that into touring so, we didn't really take them up.


What was the last show like?


It was kind of weird ; it was in a big school.. it was in this school, in the cafeteria and so their were a lot of people I think it was sold out and um..... my Grandmother was their! so it was really strange for me because I really felt restricted in my sort of stage presence I really felt like I ought Aunt and Uncle were there as well, my parents were there but they had seen me play several times but um... my Aunt and Uncle my grandmother and my Nephew were all their but it was from my dad's side and I don't really know them as well as my moms side, because my dad and my mom spilt up when I was like four.... I know them but I don't feel that comfortable around them most the time, it was just really strange to arrive at the show.... I went in the back door, because it was very tight security for some reason and someone was at the door and they said 'your grandmothers here".... and I thought weird because my other Grand Mother is dead..... so I knew it was my Grandma Jo and I found that very strange... but it worked out well and she ended up leaving rather early in the night but no one told me that until after the show so... I would have felt a lot more comfortable if I had known that before.....but it was kind of a weird show, kind of it was weird, we played well I think, I don't know, and Rick and Chris got kind of emotional which I found strange, Rick's still kind of emotional, I think Rick still likes Eric's Trip he gets very nostalgic, he's the one who put together the whole record, and it didn't seem like he really wanted to end it, he still seems very fond of Eric's Trip and he'd really happy about it..... but he just wanted to move onto other things I guess.



My final question; if you had to personally endorse a brand of cola which one would it be and why?


You mean pop? over here we call it pop and in the states they call it soda....


We generally call it soft drink


Yeah when I worked at Harvey's which is a take out place I would call it Soft Drink; because it was more polite than saying pop. "what kind of pop do you want". "What kind of soft drink do you want?" you know....but we usually refer to it as pop.... so if I had to endorse a cola what cola would I choose to endorse? Is root beer a cola? or does it have to be coke like kind of stuff?


I think it has to be Coke like in the bounds of being an actual Cola.


Yeah I guess root beers not a cola, um I don't drink pop so.... I usually just drink water, but when I do drink pop I think I prefer Coke, I find Pepsi gives me a bellyache?


Yeah, it's got a very syrupy consistency.


yeah, yeah um let me think, that's pretty much all you can get down here for cola.. or up here... wherever I am! I guess I'm kind of up here compared to everyone....but around here we pretty much just get coke and Pepsi I think as far as Cola goes and we used to get this thing called RB cola.


RC cola?


Oh yeah, RC cola sorry not RB! I don't know what that tastes like because I never drank pop when I was younger, but I remember I used to see the signs......I can't think of a cola that I would like or induce, not induce endorse! I'm getting confused with child labour now! But I think my favourite kind of pop would be root beer.... and it would probably be Highers(sp?) root beer.....


We actually don't get root beer down here, is Dr Pepper root beer?


Oh Dr Pepper! that's a cola right? I would go with Dr Pepper.


Really ;we just got Dr Pepper down here just this year and they've been doing this big promotional campaign trying to make Australians drink it, and no ones buying it so their giving them away as free samples everywhere....


We had Dr Pepper a long time ago and then it stopped and we could only get it in the states; so I remember every time we used to go to the states Chris would buy a whole bunch of Dr Pepper...and I had never tried it until I went to the states, so I find Dr Pepper quite good.....



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