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Warm Cola Recordings is an independant record label based in Melbourne Australia, and Oxted U.K.

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"Shoestring EP"

(WARMCD06) CD EP $ 8.00

("Sport of kings", "Chelsea", "Jared", "Any Key", "Fear Of Parents")

 Melbournes mighty Skip Tracer. Six Tracks melded with a stereoscopic cavenous approach. Subtle slow meanadering guitars sprinkled with melody and flanked with frequent tangents of chaos.

Visit Skip Tracer's site for more information.

SOUNDS from "Shoestring"


"Sycamore Trail"


(WARMCD01) CD LP $12.00

Deer are Neil Thomason and Tom Jackman two thirds of Melbournes mighty Ricaine. Their "Sycamore Trail" Cassette-- is a fifty minute collection of eerie longform sparse guitar and drum instrumentals. Perfect after midnight music

Visit the Trail.

In the Chicago art rock sensibility of Tortoise mixed up with the sparseness of Slint.  

SOUNDS from "Sycamore Trail"



BASEBALL "The Sea is Blue and Green"

(Songs of Travel Loss and Hope)

 (WARMCD04) CD LP $12.00

The first full length solo release from Cemeron Potts, drummer in Melbournes SANDRO and NINETY NINE. The quietest recording ever, lonley piano ballads ,fragile whispered vocals, occasional appearance of violin and percussion. Music with sparesness that surrounds you with it's beautiful melencoly . Stories Travel Loss and Hope.

Visit Baseball's Web Site.

SOUNDS from "The Sea is Blue and Green"




"The Pain Of This Indecision"

(WARMCD05) CD LP $12.00

Solo works by Adam Harding. A dark brew of beautiful acoustic tunes distrupted by haunting cut and paste tape samples. Sendridoh meets Eraserhead . Diverse full arrangements involving piano, pump organ, violin, superceding the limitations of the bedroom four track . A mood that marks the end of summer. The first full length release . Work of Genius they will say.

The black lodge that is A:Minor's web site

SOUNDS from "The Pain of This Indecison"


"In Tulsa there is not smoke, just fire"

(WARMC07) Cass LP $5.00 CD $12.00

Tulsa Oklaholma's finest. A compilation of previous Cactus Gum releases. Subversive synth and guitar pop au go go from two hell bent homerecording minstrels who denied their metal roots and never looked back. The final release. Look out for ICEHAUS the splinter project!!!

Visit the cactus OCASEK site to check out the extensive back catalog!

SOUNDS from "In Tulsa there is no smoke..."




(WARMCD02) CD LP $12.00 CASS $5.00

Solo works by Ben K, Warm Cola instigator ,Skip Tracerean and a known collaborator of the U.T.P variety.

A one man band, a mixture of acoustic meanderings, casio propelled jigs, full band recitals and heartfelt tomfoolery.

Visit the injured for more information.

In the spirit of Eric's Trip/Elevator to hell, Sendridoh.

SOUNDS from "Air Hockey Injury"


28 DAY NOTICE "If Tomorrow Has Wings"




(WARMCD07) CD LP $12.00

The Blood of and Englishman. Mister Piers Mason takes us on a journey in his favorite race car.

Bedroom rock, subversive pop, and frequent fragile brilliance. Carpet music from a small island!

Email the Tasty Brit.

Or check the home of 28 Day Notice. Features info, lyrics and pristine MPEG files of previously unrealeased songs!!!

SOUNDS from "If Tommorow Has Wings"




(WARMCD02) CD LP $12.00

The trans-global lo-fi collaboration from hell. An Englishman and an Australian who have never actually met. Write songs through means of 4-track, Airmail and electronic text only communication. Check U.T.P's online haven for the full story!!

A home-recorded odessey ranging from the pop sensible to the aurally tactile!

Mixtures of Syd Barret, Guided By Voices, Smog....

SOUNDS from "Airmail"


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