SOUNDS: ----REAL AUDIO---- "Song 2" From "Sycamore Trail"

Deer was conceived in winter of 1997, the product of Neil Thomason & Tom Jackman perhaps better known as members of Melbourne rock three piece Ricaine. Initially derived from latent riffs dubbed 'too damn mellow' for Ricaine , but now taking on a lengthy, instrumental life and character of their own.

Deer music represents soundtracks to movies yet made, more atmosphere than conventional entertainment, more mood than song, more extended singular moments than verse-chorus-verse.

Indeed, it is Deer's admitted intention to lull the listener into a near state of coma before…..gently ending the song. If LOUD/quiet/LOUD/quiet music has represented 90% of popular music for the last five years then prepare yourself for quiet/quiet/quiet zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Deer will not be "rocking a venue near you soon".

Deer's debut cassette release Sycamore Trail presents a batch of tunes recorded in an afternoon in a very large shed on the end of a pier at Melbourne's Victoria Docks and is available now through Warm Cola Recordings, Private Box 8301 Northland Centre VIC 3072.

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Deer's "Sycamore Trail" cassette is available now from Warm Cola Recordings $5.00 ppd Aust.
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